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Beauties of my garden / photo blog

I just got back from my vacation in Eastern Slovakia where my family has a small ‘vacation’ house together with a big garden. The weather was diverse and my goal was to take as many pictures as I can during my stay. For that purpose, I decided to turn off my phone and not have access to Internet for 7 days. I purely focused on taking pictures, reading books and relaxing.

I arrived in the evening so the first thing to do was to light the fire and officialy start my freedom.

The next morning and day, I had the British weather. Although I couldn’t put my swimsuit on, I took it in a positive way and it encouraged me to take even more pictures.

In the following days, I focused more on living things. Except for taking care of a little dog for two days, I took pictures of little friends of mine.

Inspiration can strike anywhere, especially when outside. Even though there’s no fuss of the big city, it doesn’t mean that nothing’s happenning.


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