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Interesting facts about colours

Every one of us is percieving colour on a daily basis. The products we buy in the shop, the choices we make are often based on the colours we like. We should understand why and how we’re getting influenced by colours that businesses use to make us buy their products. For instance, when a new company chooses a colour for their product, they look at their competitors and they choose completely different colour. The product will stand out this way. But the question is – will people like it?


Interesting fact:
Red colour is the first colour our eye spots. That is why for example STOP sign on the road is red – we can spot it from the very distance. Red colour is so exciting that red cars are the most stolen.


Study shows that more women than men have a favourite colour. This is a good news if you want to make a product for women. You find out a favourite colour of your target audience and you know where to go from there. For companies with strong brand this doesn’t matter much because they almost own the colour. For instance, Facebook and Twitter own blue, Nickelodeon owns orange, Nikon owns yellow etc.


Interesting fact:
The first colour wheel was developed by Isaac Newton.

No matter if you want it or not, the first impression of a person is also based on the colours they’re wearing. So try to think about what to wear on what occassion. And be aware that some colours have different meaning in different countries.

Interesting fact:
Blue violet is called an indigo.

Understanding of colour theory is also very handy when creating power point presentations. It’s pretty useful knowing what colours result in a perfect harmony. Your presentation will look more professional and convincing. If you don’t want to go into deep theory, here’s the tip for you – colours appear more brilliant against black background.


For more details on this topic, read this awesome book this article is based on – Color design workbook by Adams Morioka and Terry Stone.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article.

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