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My 2016 reading list, what’s yours?

I remember times when I had plenty of time, meaning I was a child/teenager. Now I have a busy job and I don’t have as much time for books as I used to have. Especially, when there are so many films & videos based on these books that I can watch. However, reading has a unique effect on development of brain and it is – surely – beneficial. And pretty joyful! Instead of watching telly, go to bed, pick a book and make yourself a cup of tea.

I want to read at least 20 books this year and I’ve already read 2, so 18 left – at least. Here’s my basic reading list made of top-10 books I wanna read in 2016:


Kazuo Ishiguro – Never let me go

Richard Branson – Losing my virginity

George Orwell – 1984

Daniel Goleman – Focus

Jamie Scallion – Rock ‘n’ roll diaries: Having it

David J. Schwartz – The magic of thinking big

William Shakespeare – King Lear

Robert Leckie – Helmer for my pillow

Stephen R. Covey – 7 habits of highly effective people

Michael Lewis – The blind side


Maybe my list gave you a suggestion of what to read but I wanna recommend you the best book I’ve ever read – The Martian by Andy Weir. You will not be able to put it away!


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