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The dark side of the city – Photo blog

Most of us – it doesn’t matter if we’re photographers or just people with an iPhone – try to take beautiful pictures that tell a story. On social media you can notice a lot of pictures from many cities and they’re usually very nice. When you or your friends go to vacation and they visit new places, they post these pictures on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Well, I decided to go around the city I live in right now – Brno – and take pictures of very ugly and scary places. I was fed up with seeing just the beauties of this city because there’s a dark side to this and who says that’s not beautiful enough for taking photos of it?

Some places scared the shit out of me to be honest. And I didn’t want to hang around there for long. These are the pics from most famous of worst places in Brno where people actually live. These places are scary because they’re not abandoned.

Here’s some other places that got my attention.



One thought on “The dark side of the city – Photo blog”

  1. I loved this blog, and yes you are so right we always see great and pretty photos of cities – here is a fountain, the great statue of our ancient leader, the shopping mall and Starbucks!! But here you give us this wonderful underbelly – but, for me, I took one look at the black and white photo of the railway running into the graffiti and I want to use that somewhere to accompany one of my pieces.

    The new online street photography magazine has a holding video at present but do have a look, the site is due to be launched early 2017 – I have been hired as the Editor-At-Large. So, I am preparing material. Excellent! If I can work your photograph into my journalism I will return to ask your permission….

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