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Think different in photography

Did it ever happen to you that your pictures from vacation looked almost the same as your friends’ pictures?

It did happen to me and not once! I started thinking how to look at things differently than person beside me. I don’t wanna end up with identical pictures with all the people who went to the same place as me. Steve knew the key to success – think different. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The solution to my problem was born from lack of options. I was simply in a car sitting next to the driver.

One of the pictures I took was a castle. It is the 6th largest castle in the world so naturally I wanted a cool photo of it. What I ended up with was a castle covered with fog in the middle of ugly grey skies. I almost deleted the picture because I didn’t like it.



When I looked at it again at home, I started thinking about it. No, I don’t have details in the picture and I don’t have pure nature but that is why it’s different! The photo shows experience – me driving past it. The picture shows contrast between 500-year-old-castle and 2-months-old highway. And it’s covered with fog because it is just a shadow of the past. A majestic one, though.

Finally, I got to think different – after I forgot about what I saw on the postcards, in the books etc. I broke free from my memory and I created a brand new image of what I saw hundred times before.

This is the example of something we get to see quite often in our lifes:


Maybe we can look at it in a different way:




This a picture I took after ‘the castle shot’:



Another example of travelling [Budapest]. How this photo looks like in most cases:


And here I focus on details and different approach:



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