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Video for film teambuilding

This was a re-launch of a very successful product, however the sales dropped because of the lack of promotion. It’s a great product and in my opinion and it deserved much more sales. That’s why I came up with the idea of this promo video which in an educative and funny way explains how this new and original product works. Our clients had no idea what to expect from this product and I wanted to show them how amazing it can be.

The challenge was to do it low budget and having everything making sense. I ‘used’ my collegues to act like participants and I’ve made detailed screenplay beforehand to save time on the set.

After just one presentation of this video, we had 3 orders right away. It was followed by another 4. Note that this product is expensive and it’s suited for bigger companies only – they can afford it.

I was the creator of this video from pre-production to post-production. It felt like my baby because I love this product and I knew I was the right person to create this video from scratch.

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